Pay for clock hours

Claiming Clock Hours

From Emailed Link

  • When a class is completed the organizer will submit proof of your attendance (the sign-in sheet) to the pdNorthwest registrar. Be sure you sign in for every session of the event. We must have proof of attendance to award clock hours.
  • The registrar marks you as attended in pdEnroller.
  • You receive an email with a link to complete a course evaluation.
  • Once you complete the course evaluation you receive another email with a link to pay for the clock hours.

From Your Account

If you don’t have the email link to claim clock hours, you can log in to your account on pdEnroller to claim the hours.

  1. Log in to pdEnroller.
  2. Look for your name in the menu bar. Click on your name, and pull down to “Clock Hours.”
  3. This will open the “My Credits and Clock Hours” window.
  4. The “In Your Queue” section lists classes you have completed that have outstanding hours.
  5. The Next Actions section has icons to indicate steps that have been completed. Circles with a check mark indicate that a step has been completed. Green circles with a > symbol are actions that need to be completed.
  6. Only clock hours that have been claimed will appear on your transcript.


Clock Hour Fee

$3 per clock hour + $5 processing fee per participant. Example: The fee for 3 clock hours is $14. ($9 clock hour fee plus a $5 processing fee.)

Late Fees

All clock hours need to be purchased within 90 days of the completion of the session to avoid late fees which are an additional 20% fee to be added to the clock hour fee. Clock hours may not be purchased more than 5 years after the completion of a class.

Example: The fee for 3 clock hours with late fee would be:

Fee Amount
Processing fee $5.00
3 X $3 per clock hour $9.00
20 % Late fee $2.80
Total $16.80

Last update 1/30/2024