We offer Professional Growth Plan (PGP) transcription service for educators. The cost for verification and transcription is $35.

We will:

  • Verify that your PGP meets all requirements.
  • Store a copy of your PGP for 7 years.
  • Enter the 25 hours on your transcript.
  • Email you a copy of your transcript.

There is no fee for the clock hours.

  1. Register for the PGP course.
  2. Email a copy of your completed PGP Template and Verification Form (download forms from PESB site) to clockhours@esd113.org.
  3. We will review your PGP for completeness and contact you if we have any questions.
  4. We will mark you as completed.
  5. You will receive an “evaluation” form, which you can print as verification that your PGP was received.
  6. We will add the hours to your transcript, and email you a copy of the transcript.