Manage the event

  1. Encourage participants to pre-register for the event. Registration is generally open for one week after the event date.
  2. Print a sign-in sheet (see instructions above).
  3. Have all attendees sign the sign-in sheet — legibly. It’s the only proof of attendance the ESD accepts.
  4. Indicate the number of hours that each person attended on the sign-in sheet.
  5. Email the sign-in sheet to within 10 days of the last day of the event.
  6. If you upload your attendance sheets to pdEnroller, send an email to to let us know that you have done so. The Clock Hours staff does not receive any notification from the system.
  7. If your event is more than 2 sessions long, download the spreadsheet version of the sign-in sheet, complete it and email to

Last update 12/30/2023